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New York Entrepreneur Week

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Day 1

Monday, November 5th, 2012

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2nd Annual: Entrepreneur Walk

Description: Entrepreneurs are passionate job creators, risktakers and innovators.

We believe what you believe: entrepreneurs matter – A LOT. Showcase your relentless passion for entrepreneurship by joining like-minded others and walk to show your support for job creation.

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? Prove it.

  • Participate in the 1mile walk
  • Grab a t-shirt (provided)
  • Hoist your American Flag (provided)
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs & share recipes for success

POWER BRUNCH - support local restaurants.


Venture Capital Reverse Pitch Bus Tour

Seeking funding? Look to be introduced to the venture capital ecosystem in NYC? Don’t sit around and just listen to a panel – get off your caboose and find out in-person!

Firms include: Eniac Ventures, High Peaks Venture Partners, Starvest Partners, Zelkova Ventures 

  • We provide the charter bus to and from every venue (location posted on 11/4)
  • You visit 9 venture capital firms in 3 neighborhoods: Midtown, Flatiron, and SoHo
  • Each VC pitches to you, additional time provided for Q&A

isell.com Presents: A Jerky Turkey Networking Event

Description: Join the top entrepreneurial communities in the New York area for a night of drinks and networking with 150+ entrepreneurs and business owners from a variety of industries including: technology, fashion, mobile, angel investors, venture capital, real estate, hospitality, green energy/sustainability, and many more!

To register to the event, please CLICK HERE

Day 2

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

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Understanding Valuation: The Must-Know Handbook to Sell Your Company

Description: Valuation has many implications for you and your business. The process doesn’t have to be agonizing. Explore concise, easy-to-understand models and subsequent fundamentals.




Being a Real Boss is NOT Easy

Moderator: Kofi Kankam, Co-Founder of Admit Advantage


Sarah Prevette, Founder of Sprouter
Fabian Pfortmueller, Co-Founder of Holstee
Sam Wurzel, CEO at Octopart Inc
Daren Forsyth, EVP International Markets at the OTHER media

Description: Running a company doesn’t just mean having a good idea or product – there are a plethora of back office imperatives which play into your strategy. You owe it to yourself and your idea to understand all the components in running a business, which include:

  • Healthcare – Do you know what universal healthcare means? How will the ACA affect you?
  • Accounting – Can fixed assets dilute your creditworthiness?
  • Incorporation – What’s the best business structure if you’re NOT raising funding?
  • …..and many, many more!



The Future of PR: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

Moderator: Trace Cohen, Co-Founder of Launch.it


Susan Lindner, Co-Founder of Emerging Media PR
Bill Douglass, Principal at Gotham Communications
Leslie Campisi, Managing Director at Hotwire PR

Description: With the onset of social media, PR professionals now have the power to create their own influence and go direct to consumer.

PR now encompasses and runs social media, community management and analytics. Our esteemed and experienced panelists reveal why this is happening, how you can be apart of it, and what’s coming next. In this panel you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of traditional PR
  • Case studies of successful Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest campaigns (what does + doesn’t work)
  • Media relations and content creation
  • Can PR lead to sales?
  • Crystal ball predictions for the next three years

Day 3

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

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Startup Waffles

Description: Enjoy good food, laughter and homemade waffles alongside 35 other founders/CEOs/executives. Orange juice, milk and coffee will be provided.


Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Opening Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week
Master of Ceremonies: Kevin Scott, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute


The Presidential Election: Impact for Entrepreneurs

Moderator: Kevin Scott, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute


Philip Auerswald, Author "The Coming Prosperity" & Advisor, Clinton Global Initiative
Binta Niambi Brown, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis
David Nicholas, Co-Founder of Future Voices of America

Description: The next President of the United States of America has been chosen. What that mean for you?

We guarantee there’s lots you don’t understand. Join this interactive dialogue on the future of jobs, business oversight, labor, healthcare, and a myriad of additional important policy issues.




Going Global at Launch: The Playbook

Moderator: Dan Lack, Founder of Meeting of the Big Minds


Sarah Endline, Founder of Sweetriot
Andres Barreto, Co-Founder & President at Onswipe
Rahul Purthi, Product Manager at Comodo & Founder of Student Care Abroad
Amos Winbush III, Founder of CyberSynchs, Inc Magazine 30U30, 'Innovator of the Year" by Black Enterprise Magazine

Description: In this hyper-competitive global economy, you are just as likely to see your first customers come from India as from Indiana. Learn how to ‘internationalize’ your business:

  • What must be on your site to ensure customers are comfortable doing business with you?
  • What are the international ‘no-no’s’: words, approaches, customs
  • How do you research other places for opportunities to sell your product/service?

LUNCH (Support local business: 20% discount to local eateries)


You Don’t Know Jack about Product

Moderator: Garrett Gravesen, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute


Warren Wan, Former Head of Product at eHarmony
Sarah Judd Welch, Product Story Teller & Developer 
Nihal Meta, Co-Founder & CEO of Local Response
Rod Kurtz, Journalist & Entrepreneur Advocate
April Dunford, Founder of Rocketwatcher

Description: Want to be a rockstar? Then you better understand product and all its facets. The problem: no matter what anyone tells you, building a great product is not cheap and you’re likely overmatched and undercapitalized.  

  • What is a great product? What does it look like? How should it function? What is a JND?
  • Hear how to leverage sales strategy at the onset to build something everyone wants.
  • Discover tips, insights, and short cuts on what to do, when, and why so that you’re able to stand out in today’s complex, noisy market.



Stakeholder Round Robin

Description: Think musical chairs for people who pull the strings of entrepreneurship throughout New York.

You may think you know everyone, but you don’t – never fear though, you’re in luck, we do! For once you’re not the one pitching as you’ll hear from 30 non-profits, for profits, city organizations and state organizations that are all a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New York. Each stakeholder has 30 seconds to tell you why to get involved with their causes, movements, events or technologies.


Incubator vs. Angel Investor vs. Crowdfunding vs. Credit Cards

Joy Marcus, General Partner at DFJ Gotham
Brad Svrluga, General Partner at High Peaks Venture Partners
Dan Schmitt, Founder of the Incubation Factory
Murat Aktihanoglu, Founder of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator
Jeanne Sullivan, General Partner at Starvest Partners & Honored by Forbes as a “Woman Changing the World”

Description: Need money? Wondering what to do, who to ask, and what’s the best outcome for your company? You're in luck - learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry about the good, bad and ugly parts of being an early-stage company looking for mentors, office space, cash, or the generosity of others. The session will explore:

  • The current funding environment
  • Financing/bootstrapping your startup
  • Differences in terms, expectations & support provided
  • Why it's not always best to accept the 'name brand's' offer
  • Where to go & what to do if your application is rejected/your project isn’t funded/you lose your mind
  • A unique town hall forum will be constructed for attendees, allowing for an intimate 30min Q&A with the investors, providing an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions.

Day 4

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Startup Waffles

Description: Enjoy good food, laughter and homemade waffles alongside other founders/CEOs/executives. Orange juice, milk and coffee will be provided.


Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Opening Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week
Master of Ceremonies: Garrett Gravesen, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute


Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Always Mean Acceptance

Moderator: Kevin Scott, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute


Arjun Dev Arora, Founder & CEO of Retargeter
Eleonora Sharef, Co-Founder & Director at HireArt
Carmen Wong Ulrich, Co-Founder of ALTA Wealth Management & Former Host of CNBC's "On the Money"
Brianna Ortiz, VP of Biz Dev at COSS Express & Top Model of the World, Cuba 2012
Alexis Tryon, Founder & CEO of Artsicle

Description: Why in the 21st Century are women still asked whether they are married or have kids? Why are foreigners kicked out of this country even if they’re creating value? Why is the rate of minority entrepreneurship so low?

Find out from some of the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs how they’ve challenged the status quo and leveraged diversity to their advantage in creating their companies. Panelist’s hard-fought insights include:

  • The real scoop on what it’s like to be “different” in business
  • How to leverage your unique network to raise capital & hire great talent
  • Developing community & empowering other entrepreneurs to achieve



Wake-up to Reality: Building Wireframes are NOT UI/UX

Lis Hubert, Founder of Hubert Experience Design - built ESPN's iPad app, NBA.com, and many more!

Description: User Experience (UX) came on the scene promising great products and amazing experiences for our users, and has instead fallen flat on its ideals and promises. Why isn’t UX bringing our businesses the wonder that it promised? Well, in short, it’s because we think it is just User Interface... and that is all wrong. In this talk we’ll explore 

  • The real value of that UX can provide to entrepreneurs
  • Why UX doesn’t provide that value today
  • What problems this causes our businesses
  • How we get to a place where UX is delivering as it said it would. 

This talk is for anyone starting their own products and who is interested in learning how UX should be integrated into their teams, for optimal results. It is a discussion not to be missed!


LUNCH (Support local business: 20% discount to local eateries)


Networking Round Robin

Description: Take advantage of this opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs during this interactive speed networking session. Connect with potential new clients, suppliers or business partners. Find solutions to current business problems, uncover opportunities, or just practice your elevator pitch. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 30 minutes.


Stop Whining: Triumph over Adversity

Moderator: Jeremy Johnson, Co-Founder of 2tor & Inc Magazine 30U30 - dropped out of Princeton & raised more than $70M by age 29.


  • Kathryn Minshew, Founder of The Daily Muse - Built a company from notebook paper, then lost everything including life savings. Took most of the same team and started over two weeks later
  • Ann Kaplan, President & CEO of iFinance Canada, Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2000 - was divorced with no job experience, no income, and 3 kids. Built the largest credit agency in Canada
  • Shazia Sami, Founder of Couture Mafia - was married at 18, got divorved with no job, began coding, built Couture's site herself and sold it within just 4 months
  • Manish Chowdhary, Founder & CEO of GoECart - Began company in a college dorm. Learned the tough lesson of saying 'no' to almost everyone. Grew company into one of the most admired ecommerce platform providers in the world.

Description: Anything worth gaining doesn’t come simply. Panelists reveal the highs and lows of building rockstar companies and careers – from the ground up! Learn what it takes to truly survive when the odds are completely stacked against you thru key guidelines, tips and advice from those who’ve done it!




Flash of Genius: Uncovering a Miracle – The Jason McElwain Story

Jim Johnson, Basketball Coach at Greece Athena

Description: On Feb. 15, 2006 Coach Jim Johnson of Greece Athena High School changed the face of autism forever. He let the team’s basketball manager, Jason McElwain, a high functioning senior with autism, play the last four minutes of the school’s basketball game.

Hear Jim's story of how McElwain made national headlines by making six 3-pointers and one 2-pointer and lessons for business. This story will inspire you for the rest of your life.


$2BN in Value Created: Top Entrepreneurs Reflect

Moderator: Donna Fenn, Head of Inc 30 Under 30 & Author of “Upstarts Rock”


Wiley Cirelli, Founder of Single Platform - sold for $100M
Heidi Messer, Co-Founder of Linkshare - sold for $425M
Shara Mendelson, Founder of Plum Benefits - sold for A LOT
Don MacKinnon, Co-Founder of the RED Campaign
Amos Winbush III, Co-Founder of CyberSynchs - raised 9-figures

Description: Our all-time most popular panel….. uber-successful CEO’s discuss a myriad of topics, including:

  • Why it pays to think big first and foremost
  • How it’s just as easy to build a $100MM company as a $1MM company
  • Insights into the expectations of an exit in this environment & how they may change
  • Truthful insights into what sucked and what rocked on the journey onward and upward

Day 5

Friday, November 9th, 2012

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Global Pitch Inferno

Description: Think global networking on 4 continents for whatever you need – infrastructure, technology, coders, advice, sanity, or a new pen pal.

Sign-up for FREE and connect directly with business owners from:

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • China
  • Greece
  • Malaysia
  • …..and many more countries!

Turkey Day Entrepreneur Grand Prix: hosted by TechStars NYC

Description: 50 founders start….. but only 3 will pitch to a panel of renowned investors and win prizes!

This FREE event will answer the question, “Are you tough enough mentally, physically, and emotionally to be an entrepreneur?” Open to only 50 founders who will compete with and against one another in a series of challenges (no we won’t tell you what!) to uncover not only who has the best company/idea, but more importantly, who can master:

  • Team collaboration                             
  • Hand-eye coordination         
  • Physical Fitness
  • Alcoholic beverages                 Alcoholic beverages          &n

Day 6

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

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Founder Growth Weekend Sign-in & Registration

Description: Want to be a better founder, CEO, partner, and friend?

Then make an investment in yourself and join us for two days of sharing, caring, and genuine insights to make sure you are professionally sound, and more importantly, personally in-tune.


Startup Waffles: Group Interaction

Description: Nobody wants to hear your excuse that it's the weekend. Enjoy good food, laughter and homemade waffles alongside the founders/CEOs/executives whom you’ll be sharing time and ideas with over the next two days. Orange juice, milk and coffee will be provided.


Introduction to the Weekend & Expectations


Personal Growth as an Entrepreneur - Passion, Failure & Reality

Description: High-performance is about how you create; it is about delivering your maximum creative capacity at any moment, at every moment…. Every day, week, month, year, decade… Your entire life!

Excellence is about results, high-performance is about the way you get those results. Sometimes excellence can be stumbled upon, but to consistently deliver fantastic results and organize your pursuit of success is to be high-performing. It’s not just about working hard, you need to look after the health of your body, your mind and your relationships.

A discussion of the challenges of organizing your life so you are able to mobilize your full creative capacity to deliver excellence every day.


LUNCH (provided)


Embracing Your Inner Critic

Description: Most people believe the challenges to becoming (and continuing to be) successful are infinite. We agree. However, there is one facet that those at 'the top' have mastered, and which will make 80% of the difference in whether your business achieves its maximum potential - yet its something that no textbook, best friend or investor can prepare you for - the inner critic.

Embrace this session with an open mind and heart - it's how you cope that matters most:

  • Learn how to overcome the mental anguish you face personally and professionally
  • Get empowered through a real-time toolkit that charisma coaches use globally
  • Never second guess your reactions or what to do again



Get Unstuck: Tips for the Creativity Challenged

Description: Products and services that solve a need are at the root of a successful company. But:

  • How can you ensure you’re differentiated enough?
  • Where can you turn to understand even more about your market?
  • What should you do to ideate at an almost unlimited scale?



Oopsy – I Made a Boo-Boo: Lessons from Failure

Description: Failing sucks. But on the other hand, you always learn from it…. and that’s a goldmine. There are countless things you will do wrong on your journey. The purpose of this session is to ensure you fail at much less than you would have otherwise.




Big Ask Round Robin

Description: Need something? Ask for it. Attendees will share what they’re looking for – funding, mentors, advisors, a babysitter? Who knows. Everyone needs something. Here’s your to get what you want/need now!


Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 7

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

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Founder Growth Weekend Day 1 Recap


Hiring: How to Build a Team

Description: Human capital is the most expensive cost your business will incur. How do you hire the ‘right’ way? This session will ensure you are equipped with the latest templates, surveys, and framework to make the agonizing process of hiring at least a little bit easier and less stressful.


LUNCH (provided)


Real World Round Robin

Description: What personal and professional challenges do you not understand or know how to address politely and/or strategically? The more vulnerable you are, the more you have to gain.




Learning to Care about Others: Soft Skills for a Lifetime

Description: The human mind is inherently selfish – and if left unchecked, can destroy your vision from the inside out. This session provides an in-depth look at research about empathizing with others and being more compassionate in the workplace or at home.




Your Future: Growth Articulation

Description: Do what you have to do (blast music, walk around, play with pixi sticks – whatever) to be serious, focused, and strategic…. write down your hopes, goals, and dreams.




Be Accountable: Reveal

Description: It’s proven that if you share your hopes, goals, and dreams you have a significantly higher likelihood of achieving unprecedented heights. Don’t be afraid - be thankful, others around you are on the same exact journey as you are.


Closing Remarks & Next Steps

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