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Day 1

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

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Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Master of Ceremonies: Garrett Gravesen, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute

Entrepreneurial Women: How to Overcome Challenges

Leila Velez, Co-Founder of Beleza Natural

Flash of Genius: The Future of the World is Entrepreneurship

Keynote: Rodolpho Gurgel, Director of New Business at Peixe Urbano

Rio Unleashed

Keynote: Marcelo Haddad, Executive Director at Rio Negocios

Entrepreneurship in Brazil: The Present & Future

Keynote: Pedro Peracio, Chief Digital Officer of the State, Rio de Janeiro

Entrepreneurship and the New Organizational Culture

Moderator: Pedro Ganem Salomao, Executive Director of Radio Ibiza


Rafael Liporace, Parnter & Executive Director of Biruta Ideias Mirabolantes
Alexandre Tenenbaum, Branding Director of Yoggi
Michel Josef Jager, co-founder Koni Store
Roni Meisler, Creative Director at Reserva

Description: Seasoned entrepreneurs and CEO’s reveal how to build a top team, specifically digging into:

  • Finding and attracting the right talent and partnerships
  • Building a positive, collaborative and inclusive culture to develop an authentic team
  • Understanding the pitfalls of hiring just on resume alone
  • Understanding how and where to find a complimentary partner
  • Hiring, managing and getting the most out of non-full-time employees
  • Outsourcing, freelancers, contract talent and other non-staff service providers
Personal Growth as an Entrepreneur - Passion, Failure & Reality

Moderator: Marcius Victorio da Costa, Founder of Fumajet


Gustavo Caetano, CEO at Sambatech and ABS
Sabrina Gallier, Founder of Posh.com

Description: Entrepreneurship is often like “riding waves”.

You must ride waves as they go. You might often find them collapsing underneath you, and you have to ride the next one when it comes. How you ride your waves is up to you; it is up to how passionate you are, how you embrace failure, and how you cope with the reality around you. 

Opportunities in Digital Business: Keeping a Pulse on the Market

Alexandre Ribenboim, Co-Founder of SpaceApps

Description: The cycle of change brought on by the Internet has become exponential.

As a result, there are always many opportunities for new developments in Brazil. This talk will explore various technologies, new ways of organizing the work force, the use of time and creativity of thousands of people in product development, and many ideas for new businesses.

Being a 21st Century Leader: Sustaining Growth in the Face of Complexity & Change

Erik Camarano, CEO of Movimento Brasil Competitivo – MBC | Brazil Competitive Movement
Pedro Daniel Bittar, Chair of CGDC of the State of Goiás & CEO of Movimento Goiás Competitivo – MGC | Goiás Competitive Movement

Description: Leaders will face the emerging challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. This implies answering the big question confronting all leaders:

  • How to sustain the creation of growth in the face of complexity, unpredictability and change?

Answering this question enables a successful 21st Century leader to transform the challenges they face into opportunities for innovation, growth and positive impact.

Every leader must create their own answer to this question; this panel will give you an understanding, insights & the confidence you need to create your answer. 

COFFEE BREAK - Farani Cafe
Entrepreneurs for a New Brazil: Creating Opportunities

Rodrigo Brito, Director at Alianca Emprendedora

Description: Stimulating positive ambition, boldness and an overall look at young Brazilian entrepreneurs who can relate their initiatives and businesses to the development of their country.

Entrepreneurship Case Study | My First Entrepreneurial Venture

Rafael Lousa, VP of Youth Entrepreneurship Association of Goiás
Thiago Peixoto, Superintendent of the Department of Micro Enterprises, Industry & Commerce of the State of Goiás

Today’s Youth and the Power of the Entrepreneurial Education

Marduk Duarte, President of National Confederation of Youth Entrepreneurs
Ana Paula Pereira, President of Brasil Junior
Bruno Peroni, Co-Founder of Semente

Closing Remarks

Remarks: Pamela Granoff, Organizer of EWbrazil & Founder of International Tech Events

Dinner & Networking

Day 2

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

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Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Master of Ceremonies: Gustavo Pimentel, Managing Partner, Sustainability Practice at Dinamus Inteligência em Negócios

Be Inspired: Why Socially-Conscious Business Matters

Keynote: Gustavo Pimentel, Managing Partner of Sustainability Practice at Dinamus Inteligência em Negócios 

Bootstrapping Social Entrepreneurship

Moderator: Gustavo Pimentel, Managing Partner of Sustainability Practice at Dinamus Inteligência em Negócios


Thiago Feijão, Co-Fouder of QMagico
Claudia Lorenzo, Social Director at Coca-Cola Brazil
Daniele Cesano, Co-Founder & Technical Coordinator of Adapta Sertao

Description: Panelists will discuss their motivations for building a philanthropic endeavour and how it has changed their perspective on entrepreneurship, and the world in general. Additional insights will be revealed, including:

  • How founding a non-profit generates credibility?
  • How a non-profit venture can be leveraged to create additional for-profit lines of business?
  • What the future of social actions is locally, regionally, nationally and internationally?
Idea.me Presents: The World is Smaller Than You Think

Moderator: Juan Pablo Cappello, Co-Founder Idea.me

Jonathan Whittle, Co-Founder of Axeso Payment Solutions & Member of Darby Tech Advisory Board
Gabriela Ruggeri, Regional Latin American Investment Advisor at DMGT
Jacob Rosenbloom, Co-Founder EmpregoLigado

Why Social Entrepreneurship Will Revolutionize Brazil

Moderator: Juliana Proserpio, Founder at Designe Echos


Ricardo Ruffo, Founder at Designe Echos
Rogerio Oliveira, County Manager for Yunus Social Business Brazil
Daniel Izzo, Partner & Executive Director at Vox Capital
Dhaval Chada, founder Cria Global

Description: Social Entrepreneurship is creating an industry of social responsibility that is having a global impact.

Investment Alternatives: Crowdfunding in Brazil

Moderator: Vanessa  Oliveira, Country Head Idea.me/Movere.me


Rodrigo Machado Maia, Founder of Catarse
Murilo Farah, Founder of Benfeitoria

Description: Crowdfunding is an alternative method of raising finance for a business, project or idea. Unlike angel investment, in which one person typically takes a larger stake in a small business, with crowdfunding an entrepreneur can attract a ‘crowd’ of people – each of whom takes a small stake in a business idea, by contributing towards an online funding target. This panel will discuss how does crowdfunding work, the basic rules, and whether or not it is right for your business

The Future of High Tech Innovation in Brazil

Moderator: Igor Oliveira, Partner at Semente & Consultant at Dina-mus

Barbara Wolff Dick, CoFounder at Engage
Vinicius Braz Rocha, Social Capital P2P Netweaver for Glocal CoCreative Connective MicroEconomy

Description: This panel will discuss the top High-Tech. Innovations that will change the way you do business over the next 5 years.

BREAK - Workshop by Crowdtap: Building a Mobile App
Brazil Unleashed: Opportunities for Social Business in Abundance

Moderator: Robert Parkinson, Coordinator of Learning Center at Artemisia


Alice Freitas, Executive Coordinator at Asta Institute
Rebeca Rocha, Brazil Chapter Coordinator at Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)
Juliana Estrella, Entrepreneur at Works

What's Happening in Favelas?

Taciana Abreu, Director at NBS Rio+Rio
Eduardo Melo, Analyst for Entrepreneurship & Community Development at SABRAE
Melanie Edwards, CEO at Mobile Metrix

Description: Hear about social projects and entrepreneurial initiatives that are helping those impoverished. 

Socially Conscious Finance

Moderator: Guilherme Lito, Partner at Luz Consultoria


Maud Chalamet, Executive Director at Pla Net Finance
Leonardo Letelier, CEO of SITAWI
Eduardo Ferreira, Superintendent of Micro-Finances at Itau

Description: Micro-financing started changes in the economy in the 70’s, in Bangladesh. In the 90’s, it suffered an intense expansion, getting in Brazil, influencing the National Politics on the new perspective of the “lower social classes”.

Today, it has changed many lives and the way the economy and financing are structured. Among several investments, technology as a solution-oriented tool is one of the most attractive one.

Closing Remarks

Day 3

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Show Schedule Details ↓

Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Introduction: Pamela Granoff, Organizer of EWbrazil & Founder of International Tech Events - supported by BandNewsFM

Athletics is Cool: Opportunities in Sports Entrepreneurship

Carlos Henrique Moreira Jr., Founder of Sportpar
Walter Mattos, President at Lancenet
Andreas Mirow, Principal at McKinsey

The Lean Methodology: Building Your Startup Business Plan

Cassiano Farani, Founder at 99Canvas
Marcelo Gluz, Founder of Polomarte
Eric Santos, Founder of Resultados Digitais

Introduction to Financials

Moderator: Dan Yamamura, Private Equity Co-Manager and Partner at Fox Investimentos


Julien Dias, Project Finance, M&A Director at Grupo Petrópolis
Maurik Jehee, CFO at RBO Energia

Description: For many entrepreneurs, the biggest financial problem they face is the fact that they don’t have a solid grasp on the financial aspect of their business. If you are an entrepreneur, you can probably relate to this.

This workshop will allow you to learn just enough to start and run your business with confidence.

The Reality of Investment in Brazil

Moderator: Michael Nicklas, Managing Director at Ideiasnet


Marcelo Torres Alves, Partner at New Ventures Brazil
Fernando Campos, Co-Founder Devise Tecnologia

Funding Your Business: Angel vs. Accelerator vs. Venture Capital

Moderator: Luisa Ribeiro, Founder of Papaya Ventures


Guilherme Cohn, Partner at Confrapar
Marcelo Sales, Founder at 21212
Nicolas Gautier, Co-Founder of Mountain do Brasil

Description: Wondering what to do, who to ask, and how your company could benefit? You're in luck - learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry about the good, bad and ugly parts of being an early-stage company looking to leverage office space and/or cash. The session will explore:

  • Strategizing on the best option for your company (and investors)
  • Differences in terms, expectations & support provided
  • Why it's not always best accept the 'name brand's' offer
  • Where to go & what to do if your application is rejected
COFFEE BREAK - by Farani Cafe
Legal Aspects for Entrepreneurs on Venture Capital Investments

Moderator: Maureen Ferreira-Walters, Partner at JG Assis de Almeida & Associados


Felipe Herrera, Partner at Herrera Advogados
Rodrigo Menezes, Partner at Derraik Advogados

Description: This panel delve into details of the process to become an entrepreneur in Brazil, approaching issues like types of investment; structuring each investment, common errors by entrepreneurs, liability, and many others.

Guiding Entrepreneurs & Investors in Brazil

George Bonfim, Partner & Coordinator of the Corporate area at NLLA Advogados

Investing in Brazil: An Untapped Opportunity

Cassio Spina, Founder of Anjos do Brasil

Closing Remarks
GeeksOnBeer Networking Event

Day 4

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Show Schedule Details ↓

Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Master of Ceremonies: Kevin Scott, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute 

Creating a Vibrant Community Around Your Content

Mateus Brittles, Co-Founder of Kreative Hub

ProXXIma Startup Time – How to Really Help Startups

Pyr Marcondes, General Director of ProXXIma
Bob Wollheim, Founder of youPIX & Invited Curator of ProXXIma Startup Prize
Rafael Duton, Founding Partner of 21212
Marcio Campos, Founder of PagPop

Description: Join us for a lively debate about how companies, entities, incubators and prizes help inspire people to build companies.
Understanding the App Economy - the World of APPs and APIs

Amure Pinho,CEO of Sync
Bob Wollheim, Founder of youPIX
Everton Fraga, Developer of Globo.com & creator of APP Dujour for iOS

Description: A spirited chat about the opportunities and challenges of the world of applications and APIs.

Social Media: A Keystone Business Competency

Moderator: Phil Nutley, Founder of Corridor UK


Marco Gomes, Founder at Boo-box
Wladimir Winter, Co-Founder & CEO at Butterfly Tree

Description: It’s no longer a novel idea for organizations to participate in social media.

Nowadays, consumers expect every organization – large or small, nonprofit or for-profit – to at least have Facebook and Twitter pages. That means the social media landscape is crammed with more brands than consumers can keep up with. In this session, we will look at how you can become a preferred brand in the social media space and make your message heard. 

The Future is Fun: Gaming as a Competitive Advantage

Ronaldo Cruz, Founder of Oktagon Games
Breno Masi, Director of Marketing at Monster Juice
Antonio Santos Alves, CEO at Formula Off

Description: Social games have evolved tremendously, raising a record $807 million in funding in 2011.

  • What makes social gaming so engaging and addictive?
  • What are the rules of engagement and the split of revenues between platform partners? 
  • Does this industry cope with and adapt to the changing environment?
  • How does it face up to the future challenges of the 21st Century?
  •  What are the techniques of top disruptive market players in leveraging social media, mobile and content partners? 
  • What are their strategies for driving game value, traffic and scalability? 

These are some of the questions experts will address during this gaming panel! 

Being in Mobile is NOT an Option

Moderator: Paula Martini, Founder & Executive Director at Martinica Digital


Fernando Gouvea Filho, Director of Grupo Mobil
Joana Picq, Director of Jampp & Papaya Ventures

Description: There are 3.3 billion mobile phones for half of the planet.

We have all been affected by the mobile phenomenon, and it is not only continuously changing the way we communicate with one another but how we access and deliver information, transforming the way we do business and interact with products. Mobile is the technology of the future, or as John Sculley from Apple puts it, “the Mother of all Markets”.

Speakers will discuss:

  • The past, present and future phenomenon of the mobile industry
  • What is and what is not working in marketing and advertising
  • How can brands increase engagement
  • Best practices and strategies in location-based targeting
  • How mobile is affecting other major industrie
  • The impact of mobile media and future trends of the industry

Be ready to ride the mobile wave!

BREAK - Workshop by Crowdtap: Building a Mobile App
Marketing Matters: Positioning Your Brand Message

Moderator: Anna Heim, Editor LATAM & Media, The Next Web


Jeff Pavia, Digital Platform Director at NBS
Sal Zammataro, Director at Dogma

Description: Making it to the top and staying there has a lot to do with brand positioning. Your brand is what establishes your identity in the mind of a customer, and defines your business.

Marketing your brand essentially communicates the personality of the company to the market, which can give you a competitive edge, make you stand out, generate growth, and lead to higher revenues. However, to be able to successfully develop a strong brand, you have to first ensure that it is well positioned in the marketplace.

 Come to this session to discover what brand positioning involves and how you can apply it to your business. You will understand how to:

  •  Identify your target audience.
  •  Communicate information about your product to the customer.
  •  Influence the customer’s perception of your brand.
Lead Management & CRM

Eric Santos, Founder of Resultados Digitas

Description: Learn how innovative companies can be more effective at sales and marketing through smart lead generation and funnel management.

Having a good lead generation program is an excellent way to attract and retain potential customers who are not yet ready to buy your product or service. However, there's more to be done to wisely move them down the sales funnel and make a sale, as well as taking advantage of the viral distribution that those leads and your current customers can help you achieve.

This talk will illustrate what a good lead Management program is, and how your organization can get started on that in a simple way.

Introduction to Strategy: How to Differentiate From Your Competition

Daniel Japiassu, Director of Y Dreams Brazil

Description: One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is break into the global market.

Expanding into other markets require developing and executing on strategies that break the mold. This session offers you the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of strategy; including but will not be limited to:

  • Creating a blue ocean strategy
  • Developing a SWOT analysis
  • Conducting an industrial analysis to understand bargaining power of customers, competitors and/or suppliers
Closing Remarks

Day 5

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Show Schedule Details ↓

Opening Remarks & Introduction of Master of Ceremonies

Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Master of Ceremonies: Garrett Gravesen, Co-Founder of ADDO Institute

Be Inspired: Lead By Example, Opportunity & Execution

Keynote: Anita Seidler, Founder of Hub Madrid & CEO at Creative Impact

Description: This session will explore how to discover your passion and unleash the ideas inside of you. 

  • What does it take to go from inspiration to implementation?
  • What is the example we want to be for this world?

Join us for an interactive session to open our minds and hearts experimenting with tools like team leadership, design thinking and many more...

Team Academy Workshop

Description: This workshop is about achieving big dreams with the help of teams.

In a dynamic activity, with some provocations and fun, Team Academy will help you to learn how to make your dreams a reality.

You will definitely leave the room with nothing but entrepreneurship on your mind!

Think Big. Start Small: Creating the Perfect Pitch

Paulo Garcia, Co-Founder & CEO at Hotelli

Description: Think you can pitch? Are you willing to try the ring of fire?

To be considered for pitching, APPLY HERE NOW

Demos & Pitches #1

Description: Startup Pitch Session by entrepreneurs and business owners to investors, Angels, VCs, and Accelerators.

10 companies will have two minutes each to woo a panel of investors and a globally respected pitch coach. At the end of the pitch, each company will receive constructive feedback and a fun surprise for their efforts.

To be considered for pitching, APPLY HERE NOW

Demos & Pitches #2

Esteemed Judges:

Juliano Tubino, Head of Marketing for Amazon Web Services
Moises Herszenhorn, Founder of Warehouse Investimentos
Daniel Pereira, Founder of Luz Consultoria & Co-Founder of Papaya ventures

Description: Startup Pitch Session by entrepreneurs and business owners to investors, Angels, VCs, and Accelerators.

COFFEE BREAK - By Farani Cafe
Disruptive Innovations & How Startups Drive Economic Growth

Juliano Tubino, Head of Marketing at Amazon Web Services

Announcement of Winners & Prizes

The judges will announce the winners of the pitching competition.

As for the prizes, all we can share for now is that you should expect to be surprised! 

What's Next

Description: At this stage you're pumped up with energy and desire to create, collaborate and connect with the world.  You will have interacted with incredible individuals, made connections with top entrepreneurs, generated new partnerships and created new opportunities.

You will be inspired. But we all know that once we hit the ground back to reality, those sparkling ideas and opportunities can slowly vanish.

At Entrepreneur Week, we empower entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on execution that delivers positive impact. Here we will show you how you can utilize the learning, connections and ideas you will have acquired throughout the week to make things truly happen when you go back home!

EWbrazil Closing Ceremony
EWbrazil Closing Party

Location: Zero Zero, Avenida Padre Leonel Franca, 240, Gavea, Rio

Description: Enjoy your last evening with all the folks you have met -  your Entrepreneur Week Tribe - exchange contact details and get the party started!

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