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Day 1

Monday, April 16th, 2012

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Founder Waffles

Nobody wants to hear your excuse that it's a Monday. Enjoy good food, laughter and homemade waffles alongside 35 other founders/CEOs/executives. Orange juice, milk and coffee will be provided.

You will be dining in a private residence overlooking the entire LWS of Manhattan - from New Jersey to the State of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Opening Remarks & Introduction of the Master of Ceremonies

Remarks: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week
Master of Ceremonies: Kevin Buckley, Sr. Manager of Business Development at Deloitte

Flash of Inspiration: Parent's Basement to CEO - The Underdog Wins

Gary Reloj, Founder & CEO of OMG Foodie

Description: Don't miss experiencing this journey as Gary shares his intimate personal story of trial, tribulation and triumph. Discover how he went from living in his parent's basement in April 2010 to leveraging his new found 'purpose' to lose a considerable amount of weight, move into the Big Apple, and realize his dream of building a company (when he started from scratch).

Keynote - The Heart of the Entrepreneur

Amilya Antonetti, Serial Entrepreneur & Fox News Small Business Voice

Description: Grab the necessary tools, tricks, and actual programs put into her companies time-after-time to really her team's mentality so that they could fly at any point and beat whatever came at them. She'll reveal how to keep employee retention high without increasing costs and buckwild incentives that won't cost you a dime.

Panel I - Growing Your Startup: Incubators & Accelerators vs. Traditional Funding

Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels
Haig Kayserian, Founder of Kayweb Angels
Matthew Shampine, Co-Founder of WeWorkLabs
Joy Marcus, Venture Partner at DFJ Gotham

Moderator: Stuart Goldfarb, Partner at Dorsey

Description: Wondering what to do, who to ask, and how your company could benefit? You're in luck - learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry about the good, bad and ugly parts of being an early-stage company looking to leverage office space and/or cash. The session will explore:

  • Strategizing on the best option for your company (and investors)
  • Differences in terms, expectations & support provided
  • Why it's not always best to accept the 'name brand's' offer
  • Where to go & what to do if your application is rejected
Panel II - The Future of Tech: Trends You Must Know for Your Company

Jonathan Smith, Founder of WhisprWave
Richard Seline, Principal at Regionnovate
John Frankel, Partner at ff Venture Capital
Mark Birch, Angel Investor & Pincipal at Birch Ventures

Moderator: Alex Zaltsman, CEO of TrackScout.FM & XcelaMobile

Description: What, your multi-facted SEO program isn't working anymore? No kidding.

From Google changing their search technology algorithm to private spacecraft entering orbit - learn what the next wave of innovation has in store for (and how it will change) you, your business and the preferences of your customer base.

Panel III - Embracing Your Inner Critic: The REAL Challenge of Entrepreneurship

Peter Shallard, known as "The Shrink for Entrepreneurs"
Frank DiBello, CEO of American Material Handling (3rd generation business)
Priya Parker, Founder of Thrive Labs
Jessica Macias, Founder of Adepicos Ltd.

Moderator: Graham Lawlor, Founder of Ultra Light Startups

Description: Most people believe the challenges to becoming (and continuing to be) successful are infinite. We agree. However, there is one facet that those at 'the top' have mastered, and which will make 80% of the difference in whether your business achieves its maximum potential - yet its something which no textbook, best friend or investor can prepare you for - the inner critic.

Embrace this session with an open mind and heart - it's how you cope that matters most:

  • Learn how to overcome the mental anguish you face personally and professionally
  • Get empowered through a real-time toolkit that charisma coaches use globally
  • Never second guess how to react or what to do again
Setting a New World Record! The Most Elevator Pitches in 5 Minutes

Description: Have an idea? Think you have a succinct and impactful pitch? Can you do it in less than 15 seconds? If so, you'll have an opportunity to eclipse the World Record previously set in 2010.

Panel IV - Entrepreneurship & The Political Landscape

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Global Entrepreneurs Council at the United Nations
K. Shelly Porges, Sr. Advisor at U.S. State Dept. Global Entrepreneurship Program
Daniel Isenberg, Exec. Director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project

Moderator: Robert Underwoord, TMT Sr. Sector Specialist at Deloitte

Description: All of a sudden entrepreneurship is the 'hot topic' in local, state and federal government. We've seen the President ascend the SBA to a cabinet level position, Startup America deploy it's national campaign to catapult startups, and Congress introduce the JOBS Act.

But what does this all mean for founders/CEOs? We will take an in-depth look into each these initiatives, what they have to offer, what the future might hold, and how you can benefit from programming and legislation in NYC, NY State, and Capitol Hill that's been implemented over the past 18 months.

Pitch Inferno

Mac Lipscomb, Renowned CEO & Pitch Coach
Jim Nichols, ARC Angel Fund

Description: Think you can pitch? Are you willing to try the ring of fire?

10 companies will have two minutes each to woo a panel of investors and a globally respected pitch coach. At the end of the pitch, each company will receive constructive feedback and a fun surprise for their efforts.

Closing Remarks
New York Entrepreneur Week Presents: Do it in Person

Join the top entrepreneurial communities in the New York area for a night of drinks and networking with entrepreneurs and business owners from a variety of industries including: Technology, Fashion, Mobile, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Hospitality, Green Energy/Sustainability, and many more!

Day 2

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

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Master Pitch Workshop & Rock Climbing - Reaching New Heights

McAdory Lipscomb, Jr. Official Pitch Coach, NY Angels & Ultra Light Startups

Description: Challenge your company pitch + yourself all in one afternoon!

First, a 3-hour intensive session focused on honing your business pitch by jumping into presentation nuts, bolts, and edits. Learn how to craft your best performance for nailing the CEO audition and turn your vision into a clearly defined story.

Created, developed and taught by McAdory, a former CEO, VC partner (RRE Ventures), ASTIA NY Advisory Board, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator and Global IBM Smart Camp startup mentor.

Second, leveraging what you learned and the inspiration garnered from Mac's presentation - you will challenge yourself to achieve new heights (literally) on the climbing wall of Brooklyn Boulders (NYC's only fully dedicated rock climbing gym).

We will supply you with all the necessary equipment and instruction. Climbing is optional.

Entrepreneur Week Presents: Rocking Out on the Terrace (#ROOTT)

Description: Now in its 6th edition, enjoy the NYC weather on a 4,000 sq ft private terrace overlooking the entire west side of Manhattan as well as the Hudson River.

  • Angel investors and vc's get up in front of the crowd promptly at 630pm to discuss areas they invest, what they're looking for, etc.
  • Network with Entrepreneurs, Investors and/or come find a co-founder.

Past event stats:1,000+ attendees, 4 investment deals facilitated, countless co-founders met, 11 vc’s (representing +10BN in capital), 3 super angels (investing $1M+/yr), 10 angel investors (investing $100K/yr), 4 banks (3 commercial, 1 entrepreneurial lender).

Day 3

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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Entrepreneur Walk: We are not the 1% or the 99%

Entrepreneurs are passionate job creators, risk takers and innovators.

Be Unified, Be Counted, Be Recognized

  • Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?
  • Can you measure how many entrepreneurs there actually are?
  • Do you believe that your passion can inspire others?
  • Ever wonder how you are an influential piece of the Global Economic puzzle?

Be Counted

Stand up and be counted. Showcase your relentless passion for entrepreneurship to the world by joining us as we take our solidarity to the streets. 

Do not just walk for yourself – walk with others to remind America that entrepreneurship is the foundation of this country, and what will ultimately bring us together and save our economy.

Sign-up: www.EntrepreneurWalk.com (launching 4/12)

Walk: Raising funds to support Entrepreneurs
You support, your footsteps count. Vote with your footsteps.

Do It Yourself PR, Branding, and Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Marissa Feinberg, Founder of Green Spaces & Publicist for Sunshine Sachs
Fran Biderman-Gross, President & CEO at Advantages
Susan Lindner, Founder of Emerging Media

Description: Develop an understanding of why it’s in your organizations best interest to invest in an integrated pr, branding, and social media strategy, which includes:

  • How to think like a journalist & tips on cultivating those relationships
  • Discovering and communicating the purpose of your company
  • Where your business can grow and innovate based on cutting-edge tool and metrics
New York Entrepreneur Week Presents: Networking at Green Spaces

Description: Join us for an intimate networking event at New York's most innovative space for triple bottom line companies to work and grow.

Connect with more than 100 companies, journalists, and professionals from a varity of industries including: consumer products, tech, fashion, mobile, real estate, hospitality, green/sustainability.

Founder Lunch | Midtown Edition

Description: Enjoy good food, laughter and homemade sandwiches alongside 25 other tech gurus, entrepreneurs, executives and angel investors.

Lunch + beverages are provided.

Day 4

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

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Entrepreneur Chronicles: What Founders Wish They Knew Beforehand

Steven Fang, Partner at Dorsey
Jeff Fromm, Partner at Dorsey
Torrance Robinson, Chief Product Officer, eChalk

Moderator: Gary Whitehill, Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Description: Hindsight is 20/20, right? Learn from a panel of experts about the hidden liabilities lurking in company on a multitude of subjects, from startup through growth-stage. Practical advice shared will include:

  • Trusting someone with your baby: how to interview a service provider
  • Legal ramifications: how to structure your company & create IP
  • Avoid the blind traps: what might seem unimportant now can cost tens (and possibly) hundreds of thousands down the road
Entrepreneurs Are Artists: The How-To for Building a Great Company

Bob Dorf, Co-Aufhor of the "Startup Owner's Manual" w/ Steve Blank

Description: Want an indispensable guide for your company from a world-renowned entrepreneur, investor and educator?

Incorporating 10 years of learning & best practices, Bob will offer a "tour" of the detailed step-by-step methodology he and Steve built for scalable startups - and a way to monitor progress of Customer Development. DIscussion topics include:

  • Startups follow different rules from their big company brethren. 
  • Startups first search for a repeatable, scalable, profitable business model
  • Revelaing the method - tested and proven by literally thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and investors worldwide.

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